District Welesi, Kab. Jayawijaya,
Papua Indonesia | August 7-10, 2019

About Baliem Festival 2019

The annual Baliem Valley Cultural Festival will be held on August 07 – 10 2019 in the Jayawijaya district area of Walesi, West Papua. People from the highlands of Wamena and the neighborhood of Baliem Valley come together for three days of celebrations and dancing and together they mark the 30th Baliem Festival. The festival aims to introduce and preserve the values and culture of traditional tribes and to symbolise the high spirit and power that have been practised for generations.

By attending the massive Baliem Valley Festival, visitors will have a rare chance to learn and experience firsthand the different traditions of each tribe participating in the Festival without having to make the difficult trek to their compounds deep in the hinterland of West Papua.

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Baliem Valley Culture Festival is the cultural heritage of the Hubula tribe community in Kabupaten Jayajijaya and is one of the oldest cultural festivals in Indonesia. This festival displays a variety of tribal cultural hubula including: the procession of birth, initiation or maturity, marriage, work, death and warfare and traditional cooking methods of stone burning. With a sincere heart, allow us to invite all citizens of Papua, Indonesian citizens and world citizens to attend to witness the cultural richness of the Hubula tribe at the Baliem Valley Culture Festival event in the Great Valley of Bali. The unique culture and natural beauty of Bali awaits you ... Wa..wa..wa ...

John Richard Banua & Marthin Yoghobi
Bupati & Wakil Bupati Jayawijaya 2018-2023

Main Event

Colossal Theaterical Attraction


An outdoor musical performance hosted by choreographers with 500 performers was the opening act of this year’s Baliem Valley Cultural Festival. Accompanied by music that makes the atmosphere alive and tense. Contains dances, songs and musical performances that tell the life of the people of the Hubula tribe of Papua. Prepare yourself to be present at the biggest cultural stage in Papua this year.

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Market Festival

Village Festival

Campus Festival

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